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Message par IWAN le Sam 24 Aoû 2013, 11:30

Bloc de glace entrant ( sans y être autorisé ) dans 3 des 4 GE GenX d'un Boeing 748 F d' ABC reliant Russie et Chine

Le résumé d'ATWonline :

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According to Rosaviatsia, the incident occurred as the aircraft was flying in China during a thunderstorm at 39,000 ft. when it encountered “unusual, unpredicted and insufficiently studied flight conditions that resulted in build-up of ice upon non-heated parts [of the] high pressure compressor. 

Later, this ice detached and entered engine airflow and resulted in engines surge and loss of power of two engines,” Rosaviatsia said in its statement. Further inspection revealed unacceptable damage of high pressure compressor blades on engines 1, 2 and 4. 

One of the engines was later air restarted, while two others were surged and shut down until the aircraft made a safe emergency landing in Hong Kong.


Encore un problème double moteur / Cellule ?

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