Assouplissement des règles en Chine

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Assouplissement des règles en Chine

Message par Quentin_Y2 le Lun 07 Sep 2009, 08:37

Nouvelles règles sur les dépôts de plans de vols pour les avions privés en Chine Populaire.

Airbus s'en était déjà fait l'écho, tout le monde en profitera

Les immat d'avions d'affaire ou VIP seront aussi plus faciles

Sur Chinabriefing

Sept. 7 – China has relaxed applications for private flight plans from six days to just three hours, a move that will likely lead to a boom in the private jet travel business.

The decision means it is now possible for a Chinese registered Airbus A318 elite or Gulfstream 200 to file a flight plan with the mainland aviation authorities three to six hours prior to take off as opposed to the three to six day lead time previously required. The three to six day requirement will still apply for foreign aircraft.

Greater China may now be poised to take lead in a market dominated by the Middle East and previously suppressed in the country because of political and military reasons. Airbus is also set to establish an outfitting center in the mainland to allow Chinese customers to choose their preferred cabin decorations.

It is becoming less expensive to fly domestically registered jets. Flight plans used to cost US$4,400 to file but the fee will now be waived for domestically registered crafts. They will also implement lower navigating and parking fees for domestic registered aircraft.

Beijing is encouraging the ownership and use of private jets by cutting duties and taxes on the purchase from 23 percent to 6 percent in 2010.

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Et quelques ARJ 21 " Corporate" aussi... ;)

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