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Hawker Premier II

Message par Zitek le Mar 01 Sep 2009, 22:47

Le biréacteur nouvelle version II de Hawker Beechcraft progresse.

Hawker Beechcraft yesterday said it is making "significant progress" in developing Premier II, a derivative of the Premier IA light jet, but has delayed its entry into the market.

When the aircraft was announced at the May 2008 European Business Aircraft Convention and Exposition,
Hawker Beechcraft officials predicted it would be certified in mid 2010 and then enter service. Monday, the company rolled back the scheduled certification date to "late 2012 or early 2013".

The Premier II is equipped with winglets and more powerful engines that will offer higher cruise speeds, higher cruise altitudes and 1,500 nm range with a single pilot and four passengers. Recently, the manufacturer flew a modified Premier 1A fitted with the 3,000 lb thrust Williams FJ44-3AP turbofans that will power Premier II, in preparation for first flight of the new model in late 2009.

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Company chairman and CEO Bill Boisture said in a statement, "We have made the decision to extend the entry-into-service date to better align with anticipated rebound of the business jet market." He also noted that the company needed to "be prudent in our evaluation of the current and forecasted global economic environment".

The schedule delay is part of an aggressive cost cutting program put into place by Boisture intended to stem its losses. Two weeks ago, 300 more employees received lay-off notices, company matching programs for retirement plans are being deferred and most employees will be required to pay more for medical insurance.

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